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Wholesale qualifying Investors


We offer Australian wholesale qualifying investors the opportunity to invest in institutional grade investment opportunities through typically single asset special purpose trusts.

Our investments are suitable for wholesale private investors, trusts and self-managed superannuation funds, with investors needing to qualify as a Wholesale Investor as defined in the Corporations Act. The trusts are generally closed-end and are established to acquire single assets or portfolios of assets. Redhill Partners offers various investment opportunities across the risk spectrum, including assets that require strategic leasing strategies, value-add active asset management and long-leased (WALE) properties.

Institutional Funds


Redhill Partners can originate, fund, finance and execute the acquisition of targeted direct real estate investment, then provide asset management services for the investment hold period. Through a deep established network within Australia, Redhill Partners can provide access to direct real estate across all sectors within Australia.

Redhill Partners has a proven track record of partnering with Institutional Investors by creating joint ventures on a deal by deal basis, and co-investing our own funds to demonstrate our commitment to the success of every investment. Furthermore, Redhill Partners has proven capabilities to meet the reporting standard required by publicly listed companies


Family Offices

Redhill can work with local or foreign family offices to formulate tailored and flexible direct real estate investment solutions. Family offices can either invest directly in unique opportunities with Redhill or participate in structured separate account mandates, club deals or joint ventures Redhill co-invest up into each project.

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About Us

Institutional Funds
Wholesale qualifying Investors
Family Offices
Investment Approach

Redhill Partners is a specialist investment manager, owned and controlled by its management and focusing on commercial real estate investment opportunities within Australia. Our management company, Redhill Property Partners is the holder of an AFSL license number 503243 and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.


Redhill Partners has a proven track record of maximising property values through knowledge of different Australian real estate markets, property fundamentals and hands-on approach to implementing asset and leasing strategies. 

Redhill Partners provides Australian investors with direct investment through syndicated commercial real estate structures. Additionally, Redhill has institutional deal sourcing capabilities via on and off market channels through its network of established relationships across Australia. 

Redhill’s management co-invests directly into each investment and currently has assets under management of AUD $350million.

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Investment Approach

Redhill Partners’ investment objective is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors in a manner which seeks to preserve capital through active asset management and a counter cyclical strategy.  

Before any investment is considered, Redhill undertakes detailed analysis of macro and micro drivers within a specific market, as well as the value-add potential available to enhance returns.


Redhill’s approach is premised on the following fundamental

  • Identification of specific market and asset class

  • Leverage extensive Australian network to secure off market acquisition opportunities

  • Access to competitive funding terms

  • Detailed due diligence and risk mitigation

  • Proactive asset management and implementation of value-add strategies

  • Identification of opportune time for exit strategy

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